Can landowners demolish Downtown buildings?

Buildings built in the historic Downtown area before 1945, or buildings that have a landmark designation, require a recommendation from the Historic Preservation Board if they are historic landmark properties and approval from Town Council before they can be demolished.  If the building was built after 1945 and is not eligible for landmark designation, the owner must obtain a demolition permit from the Development Services Department.

When reviewing a demolition request, the Board and Council use the following criteria:

  • Whether the property is currently landmarked and/or would be able to achieve landmark status
  • If the property is void of features of architectural and/or historical significance and/or integrity
  • Whether the effect of demolition would be positive or negative on adjacent properties or the Downtown district
  • If the deterioration of the property has progressed to the point where it’s not economically feasible to rehabilitate the property
  • Whether moving the building been investigated and is demolition a feasible option

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