I have Silver Sneakers/Silver&Fit/Renew Active. Do I get a member card?

Yes! These specialized senior programs will now be integrated into the new registration system. Senior members in the Silver Sneakers, Silver&Fit or Renew Active programs will need to be entered into the system in order to take advantage of these programs. Senior members in these programs will receive a new member card, and will be able to use the self check-in at the Recreation Center. In order to be put into the system, members must bring in a Town of Castle Rock water bill to prove their residency, either paper or online bills are acceptable. The system requires a current and valid name, birthday, address, phone number and email. Please note that all members will need to have their picture retaken in the interest of safety and security. Specialized senior programs also require a unique code. Please contact your insurance company and bring in this code to front desk staff in order to start this specialized membership. Front desk staff may assist in retrieving this code only if they have all required information, especially an email. If you cannot provide all relevant information, please contact your insurance company for assistance.

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6. I have Silver Sneakers/Silver&Fit/Renew Active. Do I get a member card?