What are the planned improvements?

The Improved Signalized Intersection alternative was chosen as the recommended alternative. The intersection will be controlled by a traffic signal, and lanes will be added on all legs of the intersection, including an additional through lane in every direction, and double left turn lanes for northbound and southbound traffic. Islands on each corner will allow for free right turns. Protected left turns will be included (where drivers can only turn left with an arrow signal) and are to be programmed by time of day to change to a flashing yellow arrow.

This project will accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians in a safe manner. On-street bike lanes will be carefully considered with the speeds and volumes at this intersection. A pedestrian overpass is not planned due to the high cost of that improvement. Widened sidewalks and improved at-grade crossings will be included.

Reviewed March 7, 2023.

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1. What are the planned improvements?
2. Will access to nearby business and commercial properties south of 5th Street/Hwy 86 be maintained or improved?
3. Does the Town plan to improve Hwy 86, Ridge Road, and Fifth Street to allow the Four Corners intersection to operate well?
4. How long do you expect the improved intersection to handle our growing traffic volumes?
5. When will Four Corners intersection improvements be constructed?
6. How will traffic detour during construction? Will rush hour, business, and school traffic be taken into consideration?
7. Why wasn’t a roundabout the recommended intersection configuration here? They seem to work well at other locations.
8. How is public input being considered?