Where did all the money for the park master plan project go?

New home construction throughout Cobblestone Ranch generated the $5.5 million to construct the neighborhood phase of the park that’s scheduled to open in summer 2022. Fees from future residential development outside of Cobblestone Ranch could fund additional master-planned amenities or other Town Parks and Recreation priorities.

Builders pay a park and recreation impact fee when they apply for a building permit, which ensures growth helps pay for growth-related impacts. Additional regional park-scale amenities will require additional funding and must compete with other priorities, such as new indoor recreation facilities or other neighborhood parks. Additional funds will be available in the future, but timing is undetermined.

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1. Where is Cobblestone Ranch Park located?
2. What’s being proposed?
3. Why is the Town moving forward with the proposal?
4. Why did the Town acquire this property?
5. Does this proposal replace the neighborhood park we’re supposed to get?
6. How is the proposal compatible with the Cobblestone Ranch Park Master Plan?
7. Why is an outside organization being considered to build out the park when the Town was supposed to build it?
8. What are the advantages of a partnership with Colorado Classic Baseball?
9. Will the fields be able to accommodate any sports besides baseball?
10. Why consider a partnership when residents won’t benefit from having the fields?
11. Are lights part of the master plan?
12. What would the hours of operation be?
13. How will species endemic to the area be affected?
14. Where did all the money for the park master plan project go?
15. Won’t the proposed baseball fields increase traffic?
16. What will you do about overflow parking in residential streets?
17. What would be the impact on property values?
18. How much space would Colorado Classic Baseball take for the fields?
19. Wasn't this area to be a regional park, not a sports complex? What has changed?
20. What other areas in Douglas County have sports arenas and fields to the entrance of their community and close to $750,000 homes?
21. Aren’t there risks associated with an outside partnership?
22. If the Town doesn’t have adequate funding to meet police and fire needs, why is the Town approving multi-million dollar parks?
23. Do we want another public park in Castle Rock that's dominated by private companies?
24. Who would have priority use of the ballfields?
25. Why make a public park, private now?
26. What if the private company goes out of business in the future? How will the facility be managed?
27. Would local families be required to stay in a hotel to play?
28. How late would lighting be allowed at the park?
29. Why is bus parking not addressed in the rendering?
30. Would alcohol be allowed?
31. Why hasn’t the Castle Rock Raptors been contacted about a partnership opportunity?