How do I become a firefighter?
To become a firefighter with the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department, you are required to provide a completed Town of Castle Rock employment application; a supplemental Fire and Rescue Department application; cover letter; and resume. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant. Additionally, you must hold a minimum of current Colorado EMT-Paramedic certification, Colorado EMT-Intermediate certification or Colorado EMT-Basic certification and minimum of Colorado or NFPA 1001 compliant Firefighter I certification (depending on the type of open position available).

The testing process to become a firefighter includes practical job-related tests (fire-based and EMS-based), peer and Chief’s interview panels and successful completion of the Candidate Physical Ability Test offered by the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department, South Metro Fire / Rescue or equivalent CPAT certificate. Offers of employment are contingent on successful criminal history check, reference check, fit-for-duty physical, driving record check and previous employer check.

The Fire and Rescue Department only accepts applications during specified posting times annually, which are posted on this website. The Fire and Rescue Department does not accept applications on an ongoing basis. Applications received during non-specified posting times with not be accepted. Please check this website for updates on employment opportunities with the Fire and Rescue Department.

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