How is the need for fire restrictions evaluated?

Seven factors are considered when determining whether the Town should be placed under fire restrictions. These are: 1 and 2) two different evaluations of the moisture content of plant materials; 3) the current fire danger rating from the National Weather Service; 4 and 5) the resources available to fight fires and recent incidences of fires; 6) whether adverse fire conditions are predicted to continue; and 7) the local fire preparedness level as set by the National Multi-Agency Coordination Group.

If specified criteria are met related to at least three of these factors, Stage 1 restrictions are considered. Once a fourth condition is met, Stage 2 restrictions are considered. Conditions are evaluated for the Town as a whole and not for certain areas, although moisture levels may vary throughout Town given how rainfall tends to occur here.

It's important to note that while the rapid downpours that are typical in summer in Castle Rock generally help increase the moisture level of grasses, they typically do not provide great amounts of moisture for larger, more flammable plant materials like scrub oak and trees. Additional factors including heat, relative humidity and wind also come into play when recommending fire restrictions.

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