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1. Is it legal to discharge a firearm in the active protection of livestock(chickens) against a nuisance animal(bobcat) attack?
2. What can be done to stop noise from jake brakes/compression engine brakes?
3. What is being done about gun safety in our communities? What it currently being placed into action to further protect ourselves and others?
4. How is the need for fire restrictions evaluated?
5. What is the process to request police to increase their presence in neighborhoods where speeding is prevalent?
6. Why are some larger local stores only allowing customers one entrance into and one main exit out of the store? Is this some type of social distancing method?
7. Will Castle Rock Police issue a ticket if the Colorado license plate renewal tag has expired, but the one month grace period has not expired?
8. Who is supposed to enforce the "No Parking at any Time" signs posted in Castlewood Ranch? Is it the HOA, Douglas County Sheriff's Office or CRPD?
9. In a residential neighborhood, is it legal to park on the opposite side of the street, going against traffic? Also, is it legal to park with two wheels on the sidewalk?
10. Is it legal for motorized dirt bikes to be driven on streets in The Meadows? It is legal for motorized vehicles/bikes to ride in the open space adjacent to Morning Glory and Waverton Ranch?
11. What are the laws around marijuana consumption outdoors on residential property? Are these laws being enforced?
12. Is it true that Castle Rock’s growth is bringing more crime?
13. Why are the firefighters on overpasses/bridges on I-25?
14. I’ve heard Pit Bulls will no longer be banned. Is that true?