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  1. Fact or Fiction?

    The Town of Castle Rock wants to make sure you have accurate information about Town initiatives. Ask us! We'll answer your questions at... More…

  2. Promote your event

    Fill out this form to submit your events for publication on the Town's event calendar

  1. News and Announcements Email Sign-up

    We don’t want you to miss a thing. Don’t wait, sign up for Town news today.

Facilities and ADA Compliance

  1. Reasonable accommodation request form

    Use this form to make an initial request for an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  1. Schedule a Public Education Event

    Use this form to schedule a fire truck visit, a bay station tour or other fire department-related event.

  2. Strategic Plan Feedback V2 - DO NOT DELETE
  1. Schedule a Public Education Event - VIRTUAL - DO NOT DELETE

    Use this form to schedule a virtual fire truck visit, station tour, or other requested event.

  2. Wildfire Preparedness Presentation Survey

General Forms

  1. Cornerstone Tribute nomination form
  2. Public Consumption Area Request Form

    Use this form to request Public Consumption Areas

  1. Downtown Parking Change Request Form

    Use this form to request a loading zone space or parking space time-limit adjustment.

  2. Town Boards and Commissions Application

Parks and Recreation

  1. (T.A.G.) Application for Teen Advisory Group Representative
  2. Birthday Party Reservation Request Form - Rec Center, MAC and Burgess OutdoorPool
  3. Commit to YOU

    Commit to You fitness and wellness program for 2023

  4. Incident Report
  5. P & R Marketing Request Form
  6. Parks and Recreation - Scholarship Program Application
  7. Parks, Pavilions and Trails comment Card

    Leave us an idea, comment or suggestion.

  8. Philip S. Miller Park Reservation Request Form - (Millhouse & Amphitheater)
  9. POST Partners Program - Group Project Inspection Checklist and Roster

    This form should be completed each time a group returns from maintaining a park, open space or trail and submitted to the Program... More…

  10. POST Partners Program - Volunteer Waiver and Indemnification Form

    Provide fun, skill-building volunteer opportunities that contribute to the beautification of the Town of Castle Rock parks, open space... More…

  11. REAL - Participant Registration Form
  12. STEP - 2016 Summer Trails Exploration Program Registration and Tracking Log
  1. 5-yr. CIP feedback form
  2. Castle Rock Half Marathon Survey
  3. Customer Feedback Form

    Thank you for visiting the Town of Castle Rock's Parks & Recreation facilities and programs.

  4. Membership Cancellation Form

    Cancellation form for Recreation Center and MAC memberships

  5. Parks - Temporary Vending Permit Application
  6. Parks and Recreation Future Park Site Selection Community Survey

    We’d like to hear from you! The Parks and Recreation Department is beginning the process to update the Parks and Recreation Strategic... More…

  7. Personal Training/Reformer Client Registration
  8. POST Partners Program - Adopt a Park, Open Space or Trail Group Application

    Adoption Application (Bear, Elk, Coyote and Owl)

  9. POST Partners Program - Statement of Commitment

    Adoption statement of commitment

  10. Program Proposal

    Application for proposed programming sponsored by Parks & Recreation

  11. REAL - YMCA Outdoor Education Student Liability Release
  12. Step Program Survey

    If you participated in the Step program, please take a moment to take our short survey.


  1. Business Key Holder Contact form

    Police Department comment card for Community Policing events.

  3. Honor Guard Request Form

    Castle Rock Police Honor Guard Unit. Please complete and submit this form to request Honor Guard services. Forms must be received at... More…

  4. Petition for Removal of Dangerous Animal Designation
  5. Records Request

    Police Records Request

  6. Rock Watch

    Community Video Partner Program

  7. RUOK Volunteer Application
  8. Voided eCitations
  1. Castle Rock Police Department Volunteer Application

    Victims Assistance Volunteer Application

  2. Explorer Post Request Form-DO NOT DELETE

    Castle Rock Police Explorer Post #401. Please complete and submit this form to request Police Explorer assistance for an event. Forms... More…

  3. K9 Demonstration Request Form-DO NOT DELETE

    Castle Rock Police K9 Unit. Please complete and submit this form to request a demonstration of our K9 Unit for an event. Forms must be... More…

  4. Potentially Dangerous Animal Permit Application

    Potentially Dangerous Animal (PDA) Permit Application

  5. Request for Security Check (House Watch) / Increase Patrol

    Submit request for house watch, security check, or increase patrol for a residence, business, or other area.

  6. RUOK

    Community Senior Citizen Program

  7. Specific Response Registry Form

    The Castle Rock Police Department maintains a voluntary Specific Response Registry to identify Castle Rock residents who may need extra... More…

  8. Volunteers in Police Service Application

Police - reporting

  1. Online Citizen Reporting

    Form to have people agree to terms for the online citizen reporting piece.

Public Works

  1. Application for taxi services

    Residents must apply for the taxi program. This information is confidential and will only be used to determine eligibility for taxi... More…

  2. Downtown Alley Plan, Draft Final Plan Report

    The goal of the Downtown Alley Plan is to establish a framework for the reconstruction of Downtown alleys into pedestrian and bicycle... More…

  3. Four Corners Project Comment Form Round 2

    Feedback from the public for the Four Corners Project.

  4. Roundabout Street Light Install working hours
  1. Crystal Valley Interchange feedback 2022

    The Preferred Alternative of the Crystal Valley / Interstate 25 Interchange Environmental Assessment includes a diamond interchange... More…

  2. Downtown Wayfinding Signage Plan email sign up

    The wayfinding signage project is the first step to connecting residents and visitors to the vibrant Downtown community. The plan will... More…

  3. Four Corners project email sign up

    Sign up to receive updates on the Four Corners Project.

Special Events

  1. Events Feedback Form

    Tell us what you think about Castle Rock events! We welcome citizen and participant feedback and utilize this information in future... More…

  2. Interested in becoming a sponsor at Town events?

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a town event, please fill out the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Special Event Volunteer Form
  4. Talent Submission Form

    Interested in being a part of Castle Rock's entertainment scene? Fill out the form below and your information will be reviewed by the... More…

  1. Film and Photography Permit

    To film on public property or in parks in the Town of Castle Rock, applicants must complete this permit application at least five (5)... More…

  2. Special Event Application 2023

    A permit is required for any organized event, assembly, commercial activity, or film shoot that will take place on Town property and/OR... More…

  3. Special Events Food Truck and Vendor Form

    Any business interested in having a vendor space should fill out the Special Events Vendor Form.


  1. As-built Construction Plans, and Utility or Drainage Report Requests
  2. Grease Interceptor Grant

    Per Municipal Code 13.05.020, identified facilities that deal with organic waste and/or food grade oil or grease to the sanitary sewer... More…

  3. In-home lead testing form
  4. Mapping Request
  5. Meter Release (within Town boundaries)
  6. Registration of Landscape Company
  7. Rental Property Transfer Form
  8. Temporary Irrigation Exemption - Non-residential

    This form is to apply for the ability for non-residential water customers to water outside of the three-day-a-week watering schedule to... More…

  1. COVID-19 Small Business Water Customer Assistance Application

    The Castle Rock Water Small Business Customer Assistance program is intended to help Castle Rock Water customers financially impacted... More…

  2. HOA Irrigation Management Seminar
  3. Landscape and Irrigation Inspection Request - Homeowner

    For homeowners with a developer/builder agreement for the completion of landscaping per water efficiency criteria.

  4. Meter Release (Canyons South and extraterritorial)
  5. Property Transfer Form - Title Companies
  6. Registration of Landscape Professionals

    Application for landscape professionals to be registered with the Town of Castle Rock as required by Code.

  7. Soil Inspection
  8. Water Treatment Plant Tour

    Plum Creek Water Purification Facility guidelines and reservation form.