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Mobile Food Vendor Application

  1. Mobile Food Vendor Application

    In order to request a mobile food vendor permit, this form must be completed and submitted. 

  2. Does your operation use propane or natural gas OR produce grease-laden vapors or smoke?*

    Grease-laden vapors include frying or grilling. 

  3. Please attach payment for permit. Payment must be done prior to submission of this application. 

  4. Please use numbers only, no dashes

  5. Please enter your vehicle type. For example; bus, van, etc. 

  6. Is there a listed LP-gas alarm installed within the vehicle? *

    LP-gas alarm must be installed within the vicinity of the LP-gas system components, according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

  7. Is there a listed methane gas alarm installed within the vehicle?*

    Methane gas alarm must be installed within the vehicle, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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