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Request a Construction Inspection or Re-inspection

  1. Request a Construction Inspection or Re-Inspection

    In order to request a construction inspection or re-inspection, this form must be filled out and submitted. A representative from CRFD will confirm your appointment time after review of your submission. Inspection or re-inspection requests via email or phone will not be considered. 

    Information below should be for the project contact and the property needing construction inspection or re-inspection. 

  2. Re-inspection Fee Paid?

    If a re-inspection is required due to either contractor no-show, work not completed as required per code, or poor workmanship, re-inspection fees may be assessed. This is a $125.00 fee and is required to be paid prior to any other inspection for the project is completed. 

    For Credit/Debit payment visit:

    After payment, please email receipt, including the permit/plan review number to 

  3. No sooner than 48 hours from time of request. 

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