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Schedule a Public Education Event - VIRTUAL - DO NOT DELETE

  1. Schedule a Virtual Public Education Event
    To request a virtual event with the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department, please complete the request form below. Here are a few items to note regarding scheduling:

    1. The crew will stay in-service during your event. This means that the crew may have to leave the event if they get a call. This ensures we can continue to provide our services to all members of the community.
    2. We schedule each event for approximately 30 minutes. If you wish to have a longer event, please put your request in the "Overview of Event" area below.
    3. Events must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, and can be requested up to eight months in advance.
  2. Name of day-of contact person
  3. Phone number for day-of contact
  4. Email of day-of contact person
  5. What is the outcome for your event? Please provide a brief, but detailed description of what you'd like from us for your event. If you have an educational message you'd like us to provide, please also include that in your description.
  6. Please fill out the location of your event. Even though this is virtual, this gives us an idea of where the participants will be.
  7. Event Date and Time
    Please submit two preferred dates and times. The first available time and date will be confirmed.
  8. Must have at least one person over the age of 18
  9. Enter "0" if none
  10. Ex: 2-4 years old
  11. After submitting this form, you will be contacted by a department representative within 48 business hours.
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