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Strategic Plan Feedback V2 - DO NOT DELETE

  1. Message from the Fire Chief
    Thank you for participating in our strategic planning process. Castle Rock Fire and Rescue is one of 259 internationally accredited fire departments. Central to the accreditation process is partnering with our community to gather feedback that will help guide the department as it moves forward with strategic and financial planning. We want to ensure that our priorities are in line with yours, that we understand your expectations, and that we can work to address your concerns. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this process.
  2. Stay up-to-date on Castle Rock Fire and Rescue and the strategic planning process.
  3. CRFD covers an extensive fire district. We'd like to know who is participating in this survey.
  4. Community Priorities

    Number each service provided (1-9) with 1 being your highest priority for the department and 9 being your lowest priority.

    Fire Suppression - extinguishment of building, vehicle, and other miscellaneous fires

    Hazardous Materials Mitigation - emergency investigation and stabilization of hazardous materials incident

    Technical Rescue - commercial vehicle / machinery entrapment, extrication, confined space, high / low angle rope, trench / below grade, structural collapse and ice / water rescue

    Wildland Fire Suppression - extinguishment of wildland and urban interface fires

    Fire Prevention - fire code enforcement, building inspections and building plan review

    Domestic Preparedness, Planning and Response - preparation and initial response to natural or man-made disasters, including terrorist actions

    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - emergency advanced life support / paramedic care and transport

    Public Education / Fire and EMS Safety - public education and training in fire safety, injury prevention and first aid

    Fire Investigations - determination of fire cause, origin and evidence collection, investigation to support possible prosecution

  5. Is there another service we should be providing? If so, what is the service and priority?
  6. Expectations - from the provided list, please share your expectations of Castle Rock Fire and Rescue.
  7. Concerns - from the provided list, please share any concerns you have related to Castle Rock Fire and Rescue.
  8. Have you had an experience with Castle Rock Fire and Rescue (emergency, public education or community interaction)?*
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