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Defendant Background Information

  1. Was your school in session when this happened?
  2. If shoplifting, has this store requested money from you due to this charge?
  3. Except for this offense, have you ever received non-traffic ticket or had contact with the police?
  4. Have you ever participated in Teen Court?
  5. Does this charge involve any gang activity OR are you involved in a gang?
  6. Do you believe you did anything wrong?
  7. Were you skipping school at the time of the incident that brought you here?
  8. Was anyone affected/harmed emotionally, psychologically, financially, or physically, by this crime?
  9. Do you think there is anything you should do to repair the harm to those your actions affected?
  10. Do you feel you owe anyone an apology?
  11. Do you believe your actions have any impact on the people around you?
  12. Do you get along with your family?
  13. Have you ever used drugs/vape/cigarettes (before this incident)?
  14. Have you ever drank alcohol (without parental permission/not at a family event)?
  15. Do you hereby consent to the release of any records that pertain to my case to Teen Court personnel, student attorneys, student panelists, and student jurors. Teen Court personnel and students may see information from the school named below and/or any records from any criminal justice agencies, courts (including Teen Courts) and the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office.
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