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Parks and Recreation

  1. (T.A.G.) Application for Teen Advisory Group Representative
  2. Birthday Party Reservation Request Form - Rec Center, MAC and Burgess OutdoorPool
  3. Customer Feedback Form

    Thank you for visiting the Town of Castle Rock's Parks & Recreation facilities and programs.

  4. Membership Cancellation Form

    Cancellation form for Recreation Center and MAC memberships

  5. Parks - Temporary Vending Permit Application
  6. Parks and Recreation Future Park Site Selection Community Survey

    We’d like to hear from you! The Parks and Recreation Department is beginning the process to update the Parks and Recreation Strategic... More…

  7. Personal Training/Reformer Client Registration
  8. POST - Volunteer Program Group Application

    Group Application ( Bear, Elk, Coyote and Owl)

  9. POST - Statement of Commitment
  10. Program Proposal

    Application for proposed programming sponsored by Parks & Recreation

  11. REAL - YMCA Outdoor Education Student Liability Release
  12. Step Program Survey

    If you participated in the Step program, please take a moment to take our short survey.

  1. 5-yr. CIP feedback form
  2. Castle Rock Half Marathon Survey
  3. Incident Report
  4. P & R Marketing Request Form
  5. Parks and Recreation - Scholarship Program Application
  6. Parks, Pavilions and Trails comment Card

    Leave us an idea, comment or suggestion.

  7. Philip S. Miller Park Reservation Request Form - (Millhouse & Amphitheater)
  8. POST - Group Project Inspection Checklist and Roster

    This form should be completed each time a group returns from maintaining a park , open space or trail and submitted no later than the... More…

  9. POST Partners Volunteer Waiver and Indemnification Form

    Provide fun, skill-building volunteer opportunities that contribute to the beautification of the Town of Castle Rock parks, trails and... More…

  10. REAL - Participant Registration Form
  11. STEP - 2016 Summer Trails Exploration Program Registration and Tracking Log