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5-yr. CIP feedback form

  1. Thank You
    We’d like to hear from you! The Parks and Recreation Department is beginning the process of finalizing our 5-year Capital Improvement Plan, which will include setting budget priorities for new and existing parks, trail improvements, and facility design and construction over the next five years. The purpose of the questionnaire is to gain feedback regarding this plan prior to presenting it to Town Council. Design for new parks and park improvements for existing parks will be vetted in a separate public process phase. Please fill out the brief survey below.
  2. Instructions
    Below you will find a general description of each fund/section of the CIP, please provide any feedback you would like to share with us for that section/fund.
  3. Parks and Recreation Capital Fund
    The Town funds new parks and indoor facilities using an impact fee charged to new development under the adopted philosophy that growth should pay for the impacts created by growth. The Parks and Recreation Capital Fund generates revenues through fees charged on new residential building permits. The expenditure of impact fees is limited to funding new parks, indoor recreation facilities and outdoor pools.
  4. Conservation Trust Fund
    Conservation Trust Fund consists of three revenue sources: Colorado Lottery Funds, Douglas County Shareback and recreation licenses. Each year, approximately $425,000 is generated from the Colorado Lottery available for acquisition and/or improvements to parks and open space. Set expenditures for the fund include annual park improvement projects, site furniture, Arbor Day expenditures, irrigation updates, volunteer projects, personnel and more. The remaining funds are then available for acquisition and/or improvements. In addition, approximately $450,000 is generated by the Douglas County Open Shareback for the same purpose, which will sunset by Dec. 31, 2023 if not reauthorized by voters. The proposed 5-year CIP dedicates the majority of Shareback funding for repair and replacement projects to ensure all parks are in good condition before this important funding source expires.
  5. Annual Trail Improvements
    New sidewalk connections, ADA accessible concrete trails, soft-surface trails and ongoing repair and replacement of the existing trails is funded through sales tax allocated to the Transportation Fund. An annual appropriation of approximately $600,000 is made for these purposes and is adjusted annually for inflation. The Town also leverages additional funding through grants and partnerships. The proposed trails priority is to complete the Colorado Front Range Trail through the Town of Castle Rock. This project would complete the north/south East Plum Creek Trail and connect the Woodlands, Terrain and Cobblestone Ranch neighborhoods along McMurdo Gulch. The Town has the potential to secure a $2 million Great Outdoors Colorado Connect Initiative Grant, as well as Douglas County and developer contributions to complete this important local and regional connection. In addition, soft-surface trails are proposed at Gateway Mesa Open Space and in the northeast quadrant of Castle Rock.
  6. General Long Term Planning Fund
    The General Fund provides funding for large capital replacement of synthetic turf that is initially funded through growth but must be replaced using sales-tax based revenues. Staff estimates a 15-year replacement schedule for synthetic turf and proposes the following capital replacement projects within the 5-year CIP. This fund is managed by the Town Manager’s office.
  7. Community Center Fund
    The Town operates the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center, Miller Activity Complex, outdoor pools, programs and special events through the Community Center Fund. The fund is supported by user fees and a voter-approved sales and use tax. Each year, funds are allocated to maintain safe, high quality facilities demanded by residents. Over the next five years, capital improvement funding will be allocated for the replacement and upgrade of equipment, systems and finishes primarily at the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center, which was constructed in 1988. In addition, improvements will be made to promote energy conservation and to upgrade fitness and strength training equipment.
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