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POST Partners Program - Adopt a Park, Open Space or Trail Group Application

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  2. Post Partners Volunteer Program
    Group Application (Bear, Elk, Coyote and Owl)
  3. Type of organization:*
  4. Level of commitment: (Note descriptions below)*
  5. Estimated number of participants:
    I have read and agree to abide by the policies, regulations and safety recommendations as put forth by the Town of Castle Rock (for myself or as the representative of the above listed group) in regard to the POST Partners program. I understand that this is an application for the POST Partners program and that a Parks and Recreation representative will contact me to finalize an agreement. In addition, I understand that the Parks and Recreation Director will make the final determination as to whether a group can participate and make the final park assignment.
  7. By accepting this, I understand the Statement of Commitment and Agree to all policies within this agreement.
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  10. BEAR
    Two-year time commitment. Must meet at least once a month between April and October of each year. An adoption sign recognizing the group/organization’s efforts will be ordered after three months of service and placed at the adopted location. Each participant will receive a POST volunteer t-shirt to wear during the work outings.
  11. Elk Logo
  12. ELK
    One-year time commitment. For school groups, after-school programs, businesses, etc., able to commit to seven months of stewardship. Elk will receive a plaque acknowledging the group’s efforts at the end of the annual agreement plus water bottles for each participant.
  13. Coyote Logo
  14. COYOTE
    Projects for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts and Girl Scout troops. Upon request, Coyotes will receive special patches for their brag vests, acknowledging their contributions to the community, as well as POST t-shirts and/or water bottles for their participation.
  15. Owl logo
  16. OWL
    For organizations wishing to conduct a one-day or multi-day Community Project. Community Projects include litter removal, graffiti removal, planting of shrubs, flowers and trees, weeding and special projects. Volunteers receive POST t-shirts and/or water bottles for their participation.
  17. Donations and Sponsor logo
    For individuals, businesses or organizations wishing to contribute monetarily or with tangible goods. Materials may include, but are not limited to, trees, shrubs, annual flowers, wildflower seed, picnic tables, benches, bike racks, playground equipment, building materials, signs and interpretive displays. Other items could include giveaways for the volunteer groups, first aid kits, water bottles or bottled water, snack items, volunteer recognition giveaway items for the annual recognition event, etc.
  19. All participants are required to submit a volunteer waiver and indemnification form prior to the start of their service. Groups are required to also complete an Inspection Checklist and Roster for each scheduled activity.
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