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Parks and Recreation - Scholarship Program Application

  1. Please list your activity choice in which you are applying for a scholarship
  2. 3 Month Pass or Punch Card
  3. OR
  4. Activity Name:
  5. Activity Number:
  6. Session Dates:
  7. Activity Price:
  8. Please indicate which of the following state and federal assistance programs that you presently participate in: (supporting documentation must be attached)
  9. *Previous year Income Tax return MUST be submitted with application. Letter of reference (i.e. from a teacher, neighbor, doctor etc) are optional and may be attached. All applicants are welcome to submit with this application any additional information that would pertain to being considered for scholarship assistance.
  10. I certify that to the best of my knowledge the information I have provided is true.
  11. *Efforts are made to keep confidential all information concerning applicants and recipients.


    Scholarship Coordinator Castle Rock Community Recreation Center 2301 N. Woodlands Boulevard Castle Rock, CO 80104

    DEADLINES: JAN. 15, MAY 15 and/or SEPT. 15

    Application must be filled out completely and all necessary documentation attached and ON TIME to be considered for a scholarship. All applications received after deadline will be considered in the following session.
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