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Request for Security Check (House Watch) / Increase Patrol

  1. Residents may request to have an officer check their home and surrounding area for suspicious activity at random times, as time and call load permits. If the resident returns early, please contact the police department and advise them. Increased Patrols can be requested by an occupant of a location and consists of a drive-by inspection at random times, as time and call load permits.The request must be in relation to a reported crime or suspicious activity.
  3. Type:
  4. If Increase Patrol request, stop here and submit below. If House Watch request, continue below:
  5. Have keys been left with anyone?
  6. Will anyone be working about or have access to premises during your absence?
  7. In case of an emergency, how do you wish to be notified?
    1. LIGHTS:
    2. If lights will be on, please indicate which rooms in the house or property:
    3. Downstairs lighting:
    4. Upstairs lighting:
    5. Outside lighting:
    6. Is there an alarm system on the premises?
        1. Pets/animals on the premises?
        2. Vehicles Left:
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