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RUOK Volunteer Application

  1. R U OK?
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  10. Castle Rock Senior Center Partnership

    The Castle Rock Police Department's RUOK? program partners with the Castle Rock Senior Center. We ask that all RUOK? volunteers read, acknowledge and agree to the terms of the Castle Rock Senior Center's Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of Interest Policy in order to participate. Please see below.

  11. Confidentiality Agreement
  12. Confidentiality Agreement

    Acknowledgment of Confidentiality Concerning the Business of the Castle Rock Senior Activity Center:

    I, the undersigned Staff, Board Member, Committee Member and/or Volunteer of the Castle Rock Senior Center, acknowledge I have been informed and am aware of the confidential nature of the information I may overhear or be a part of while conducting the business of the Castle Rock Senior Center. I am advised and aware that:

       - Reports and records concerning staff, members, volunteers, guests and/or visitors or transportation riders of the Center or the programs or events of the Center are confidential and are not public information. Any information received during our regular business shall be considered confidential and only shared with Staff, Board Members and or our Legal Advisor when necessary.

       - Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent me from commenting publicly about general trends or concerns perceived with the business of the Castle Rock Senior Center. The Castle Rock Senior Center will not indemnify me, defend me, or contribute financially to my defense should civil or criminal claims be made against me if I choose to speak publicly concerning my service of the Castle Rock Senior Center.

       - I understand that as the undersigned, I conduct myself as a representative of the Castle Rock Senior Center, and that as such a representative I understand and agree I will conduct myself professionally with regard to the sensitive nature of some of our dealings with each other and the community.

  13. Conflict of Interest Policy
  14. Conflict of Interest Policy

    Volunteers may not use privileged information gained as a result of their volunteer status for personal gain or benefit or to benefit relatives, friends or acquaintances.

    If a volunteer or volunteer’s family has an interest (including, but not limited to, serving as partner, manager, stockholder or employee) in any business that sells products and or services to the Castle Rock Senior Center (Center) or if a volunteer has information on the Center that may be used for personal gain, the volunteer shall advise the Executive Director or Board President of such interest in writing.

    The notified official shall determine if a conflict of interest exists and shall then notify the Volunteer. If such a conflict is found to exist, the volunteer will be given the option of terminating their volunteer status. Failure to comply with these provisions may result in immediate dismissal.


    I am presently an applicant for a volunteer position with the Castle Rock Police Department. In order to be considered for such a position, the Police Department needs to obtain verification of past performance. I hereby authorize you to transmit to the Castle Rock Police Department any and all information concerning my past employment performance including, but not limited to, the information required in this form. I do hereby release and so discharge the Police Department or its agents or employees, together with the employer whose name and address appears on this form, or any of its agents or employees, from any liability, claim, or demand of any nature whatsoever, arising out of the dissemination of the information requested herein.

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