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  1. As-built Construction Plans, and Utility or Drainage Report Requests
  2. Grease Interceptor Grant

    Per Municipal Code 13.05.020, identified facilities that deal with organic waste and/or food grade oil or grease to the sanitary sewer... More…

  3. Landscape and Irrigation Inspection Request - Homeowner

    For homeowners with a developer/builder agreement for the completion of landscaping per water efficiency criteria.

  4. Meter Release (Canyons South and extraterritorial)
  5. Property Transfer Form - Title Companies
  6. Registration of Landscape Professionals
  7. Soil Inspection
  8. Water Treatment Plant Tour

    Plum Creek Water Purification Facility guidelines and reservation form.

  1. COVID-19 Small Business Water Customer Assistance Application

    The Castle Rock Water Small Business Customer Assistance program is intended to help Castle Rock Water customers financially impacted... More…

  2. In-home lead testing form
  3. Mapping Request
  4. Meter Release (within Town boundaries)
  5. Registration of Landscape Company
  6. Rental Property Transfer Form
  7. Temporary Irrigation Exemption - Non-residential