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In-home lead testing form

  1. In-home lead testing
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of lead and lead solder in 1987. Household plumbing generally consists of copper, galvanized steel, plastic pipe or a mixture of these materials. Copper pipe does not contain lead but the joining solder used until 1987 may. Homes built prior to 1960 could have lead plumbing. If your home was built between the years 1982-1987, or before 1960, please answer the following questions.
  2. Has the plumbing in your house been replaced since 1987?*
  3. Do your pipes appear to be lead?
    Lead pipes are dull gray and soft metal. They turn bright gray when scratched with a coin or screwdriver. Galvanized steel is hard and creates a metallic sound when tapped. You may find these in your crawl space or basement.
  4. Do your copper pipes have lead solder?
    Copper pipes installed before 1987 may have lead solder. Conduct a scratch test or purchase a chemical test kit to determine if the solder is lead. The lead solder test kit is available at most hardware stores.
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  6. Note:
    Not all homes may be eligible for the in-home lead test from Castle Rock Water. If we identify that your house does not meet the criteria, and you are still interested in the water testing, please contact the Colorado Department of Public health and Environment at 303-692-3090 or
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