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Landscape and Irrigation Inspection Request - Homeowner

  1. Homeowner Landscape and Irrigation Inspection Request
    This form is for homeowners to request the final inspection for the installation of landscape and irrigation. This inspection is required for specific neighborhoods and properties per the developer/builder agreement for water efficient landscape criteria.

    Please review the Landscape and Irrigation Requirements prior to submitting the inspection request.
  2. Is the site ready for inspection?
  3. Location of inspection on property
    Check all that apply.
  4. Please identify conditions or considerations when accessing the property. For instance, if dogs may be present.
  5. Please upload the landscape design and irrigation layout of the landscaped area.
  6. The landscape was completed by:
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  7. Requirements acknowledgement
  8. Thank you. A Castle Rock Water conservation technician will contact you within 3 business days to schedule an appointment.
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