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Water Treatment Plant Tour

  1. Plum Creek Water Purification Facility Tour

    Castle Rock Water is proud to provide a tour of the state-of-the-art Plum Creek Water Purification Facility to educate participants on the exceptional treatment, processes and people that make award winning water for Castle Rock.

    This form is required to ensure the plant and staff is prepared for the group that is registered and that the group is aware of the guidelines.

    Please note that all tours must register and then be approved. Registration does not mean the tour is booked. This is to ensure that the plant is prepared to receive the tour and unforeseen situations such as chemical delivery, staff resources or inclimate weather are not interferring with the prescribed time. Tours may be canceled at any time for security reasons.

  2. Requirements
    • Minimum participant age for facility tour is 13 years (7th grade) or older. Tours for students or children under 13 years old can be made on a case-by-case basis.
    • All adult visitors must sign in at the facility and picture identification for verification may be required.
    • All visitors will be issued a visitor badge and personal protection equipment (safety glasses).
    • Group sizes for tours shall be limited to fifteen people or fewer. Larger groups can be accommodated by splitting up the group.
    • Tour groups that include minors, must have a minimum of two adults per ten children from the school or organization who will be responsible for their behavior.
    • There will be two operators or staff that will guide each group of 15 participants.
    • No backpacks, purses, bags, hats or similar carry items will be allowed in the treatment plants. They can be stored in the conference room or in personal vehicles.
    • Photography may be allowed, but its use will be controlled and strictly monitored by Town staff. The photographer must have prior authorization by the Treatment Services Superintendent or Supervisor.
    • Vehicles will be permitted in the visitor parking area only, or as directed by staff. If a threat is suspected, the police will be contacted and the vehicle may be searched. Staff will not touch the suspect vehicle under any circumstance.   
    • Some areas are restricted, such as chemical rooms, and shall remain locked and inaccessible to the group.  
    • All gates and all exterior doors shall be locked down at all times and deviation for specific group requests must be pre-approved by the Treatment Services Superintendent and/or Supervisor.
    • In addition to personal protection equipment, such as safety glasses, participants are requested to wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Grates, steps and other obstacles may be encountered. Note that some areas are easily handicap accessible and accommodations can be made for persons with mobility impairment (make note in form below).

  3. Tour date

    Tours are held every fourth Wednesday at 10 a.m. 

    Please select your preferred date in 2024:

  4. Special circumstances

    You will be contacted (via the contact information provided above) for special accommodations or additional considerations prior to the tour.

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