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Meter Release (Canyons South and extraterritorial)

  1. This form is for builders requesting a water meter for a specific property that is in the Canyons South and extraterritorial areas.

    Please allow for 24 hours for a response to this form and for the Meter Dept. to schedule the meter pickup time. If you do not hear from us, feel free to contact us at

    Effective Sept. 2021, if the meter set inspection fails, the following re-inspection fees will be imposed:

    • 1st inspection:     included in building application fee
    • 2nd inspection:    $50
    • 3rd inspection:     $100
    • 4th inspection:     $200
    • additional inspection fees will continue to double 

  2. Is this address part of a Water Efficiency Planned (WEP) neighborhood?
  3. Property account type*
  4. Terms and conditions*

    By selecting each condition, you confirm you have read and agree to each of the following terms and conditions. All conditions must be agreed upon.

  5. On behalf of the builder/company, this signature reflects that the party understands and is responsible for the provisions identified herein andof the receipt of the meter.

  6. Inspection standards and process
    1. Obtain building permit from the Town of Castle Rock Development Services Department located at 100 N. Wilcox St. Payment of system development fees and meter set fees is required for permit issuance. (The meter must be used for the address to which it is assigned. If the assigned meter is not installed at the associated property, the inspection will fail and the Meter Transceiver Unit / MXU will not be set.)
    2. Once meter is ready for inspection, the applicant shall contact Castle Rock Water via email at All inspections and installations of MXUs will be conducted within 4 business days after the initial inspection / installation request is received.
    3. Inspection failure / re-inspections - Should the meter and / or other associated appurtenances not meet requirements:
      1. Meter set inspection results will be provided by email to the email address provided on the initial building permit application.
      2. Re-inspections shall be requested via email at A $50 fee will be charged for the first re-inspection, and the fee will double for each additional reinspection needed.
    4. Compliance with all public works and water related criteria, regulations, municipal code, policies and Cross-Connection Control standards is required, and will be reviewed, including:
      1. Area shall be accessible for meter set (interior sets, site unlocked). Failure to allow access results in failed inspection.
      2. Curb stop shall be placed 1 foot from the sidewalk within the right of way, and shall be to finished grade, be operational and may not be in the driveway. An approved curb stop variance must be obtained through the Building Department for curb stops in driveways.
      3. Location of meter (interior or exterior set) shall be immediately upon entrance of piping into structure.
      4. Securing meter--interior set shall be secured no more than 3 inches between wall and piping and the meter tree shall have no movement.
      5. Appropriate backflow prevention assembly, shall be in appropriate orientation with applicable drainage, as per regulations.
      6. Lay length of the meter yoke accordingly. (A ¾ -inch meter is 7.5 inches.)
      7. Meter yoke shall be an A.Y. McDonald left hand entrance, or approved equal.
      8. MXU wire shall be present and properly installed (Lengths greater than 50-feet will result in a failed inspection.) 
      9. MXU location shall be 4 feet back of corner and 4 feet off of ground on either side of home. Any variance must be approved.
      10. MXU wire will be attached to meter. If lost, a replacement can be obtained at Castle Rock Water for a fee. The wire must not be blocked by fencing, landscaping or backflow prevention device. Castle Rock Water shall have access to MXU once set.

  7. Contact for regulations
    • Information regarding regulations, criteria and specifications may be obtained online at
    • Water criteria, water service line and meter set specifications are also available at the Castle Rock Water located at 175 Kellogg Ct. 
    • Public Works regulations are available at 4175 Castleton Ct. 
    • For further information regarding meter sets and backflow testing, contact the Castle Rock Water at 720-733-6000.
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