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Stormwater Utility Fee Request for Administrative Review

  1. In accordance with the Castle Rock Municipal Code Chapter 13.30 Stormwater Management Program Article 13.30.060, Paragraph B, customers are entitled to appeal for an adjustment of the stormwater utility fee for non-single-family properties.  Please complete the form and submit to the Stormwater Division online.   The Town of Castle Rock will respond to your request within 45 days after receiving a complete submittal.   You are required to pay the full amount outstanding while your request is being processed.  If the review is favorable, your account will be credited as of the date of this request.

    Reviews are for non-residential and multi-family residential properties where the applicant can document that less than 80% of the entire property is impervious.  Impervious is defined in the Ordinance as:

    “Those areas with impervious surfaces that prevent or impede the infiltration of storm water into the soil as it entered in natural conditions prior to development.  Common impervious surfaces include, but are not limited to, roof tops, sidewalks, walkways, patio areas, driveways, parking lots, storage areas, compacted gravel and soil surfaces, awnings and other fabric or plastic coverings, and other surfaces that prevent or impede the natural infiltration of the storm water run-off which existed prior to development…”

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