About the project

Encore redeveloped three lots Downtown, just south of Town Hall. The project is a result of a request for proposals the Town distributed in 2017, specifically for a new parking structure. As a result of the RFP, Town Council chose a developer to move forward on the project. Confluence Companies acquired that developer.

The project includes a seven-story building with residential, retail and office space on the west side, adjacent to Wilcox Street, and a parking garage on the east side, adjacent to Perry Street. The project also includes a public plaza just south of Town Hall and an additional plaza space interior to the project, along Wilcox Street. The ground floor contains retail and office space, while floors two through seven house 124 for-sale condos. The parking garage has 601 spaces, 308 of which are for public use. Construction began in fall 2019.

Benefits for the Town

  • Attainable housing near businesses and retail
  • Revenue generated through use taxes and permit fees

Parking details

The 308 public parking spots opened in September 2021. The first floor has a number of special public parking areas:

  • Public spots 1 to 4 serve as ADA accessible parking for Town Hall
  • Public spots 13 to 15 are designated as 30-minute parking for Town Hall visitors
  • Public spots 19 to 24, just right of the garage's entrance, contain electric vehicle charging stations; these spots should only be used by electric vehicles while actively charging

Non-public spaces in the garage are either marked with a "C," for commercial, or with "Reserved." Those spaces are owned by private residents or businesses, and the public should not park in them unless permitted to do so by their owners.

Festival Park Commons Map.

Approvals Timeline

Action Date Approval Type
Site Development Plan  August 2019 Design Review Board Approved
Pubic Finance Agreement September 2019 Town Council Approved