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Native Legend Open Space and Trail


Native Legend Open Space Trails Map (PDF)

Native Legend Trail-Paintbrush Park TH Elev. Profile (PDF)

Meadows-Butterfield Park 5K Fitness Route (PDF)

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  1. Bike Path (Paved)
  2. Bike Trail
  3. Dogs allowed with leash
  4. Easy Trail
  5. Moderate Trail
General Information
Length: 3.2 miles
Open Space acreage:  100 acres
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Surface: Eight-foot-wide concrete
Parking: Parking lot at Butterfield Park or Paintbrush Park in The Meadows


The trail located within this open space begins north of Butterfield Park and continues for more than 2 miles until it ends south of Paintbrush Park and The Grange. Interpretive stations and overlooks have been developed along the trail.