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1. We have grocery stores that are incredibly crowded due to an incredibly minuscule amount of stores for the population. Is there large retail space at the new Dawson trails area?
2. Are there plans to have EV chargers installed at current and future gas stations and convenience stores?
3. What’s the latest on the Young American Planned development?
4. What’s the latest on the Pine Canyon and Pioneer Ranch proposals? Are there plans within these developments to preserve that forest and protect our wildlife neighbors?
5. How can I find out what uses are planned for a specific piece of property in Castle Rock?
6. What can Town Council do/not do in terms of zoning?
7. How can I find out who owns a property?
8. What can be done to stop the development of Castle Rock?
9. Any plans for a Trader Joes coming to Castle Rock?
10. The 2030 master plan talks about a border around Castle Rock to keep it separate from surrounding cities. What does this look like? Is this a narrow border purchased by the city or a large greenbelt
11. Any word of a Dunkin' Donuts coming to Castle Rock?
12. Any plans for a Costco in Castle Rock?
13. What is annexation and how does the process work?
14. How does development work in Castle Rock?